Toolshift is a mobile service that connects someone with idle equipment with someone who temporarily needs the same kind of equipment.

Statistics say that construction equipment stays idle 50% of its life time.
Toolshift allows you to easily put it available to your peers and profit on it.

And if you are looking for that specific equipment, just Search, Locate and Rent, its Easy, Fast, and you can save up to 40% on your equipment rentals.

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How it works

If you have Idle equipment

Insert Data

Just login into your account and insert your equipment technical information, price, availability, and other options. It immediately becomes available to all your peers.

Take Photo

With your smart-phone you can take a picture and assign it to your product, wherever its location.

If you need to Rent equipment


In the search box type the equipment you need to rent, for example: "Generator 1500w".


Toolshift will show you on the map, in the surrounding area of your location, all the equipment that matches your search criteria. You can see all the information including price and availability.


Once you choose what interests you, the information is immediately sent to the owner that will reply accepting the rental proposal.

Why You need it


IDLE adjective \ˈī-dəl\ : not working, active, or being used : not having any real purpose or value : not having much activity.

The cost of equipment that remains on site ready for use but is placed in a standby basis.

Ownership or rental costs are still incurred while the equipment is idle.Missed revenue opportunities from idle equipment can be very costly.

Toolshift allows owners of Idle equipment to profit while they are in standby mode.


Purchasing construction equipment is a considerable expense for any company to bear. For some companies, these products are a wise investment.

However, for others, buying new equipment is simply an expense that ties up cash resources that could be better used elsewhere.

As a result, more than 40% of construction equipment is rented to complete the vast majority of construction projects.

Construction equipment rental has become a trend that makes it possible for companies to better use their resources and protect their profit margins.

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